FOPAS Could Be Moving, The Long Road Ahead To Keep The Shelter Afloat

Lets try and use an analogy to describe the feelings of the volunteers at Friends Of Perry Animal Shelter shall we. The shelter is a small sailboat, gliding across the water wind in her sales.  Suddenly a giant hole erupts from the bottom of the vessel. Water is gushing in and as much as you try and bail the water out of the boat it keeps sinking.  It looks like we may need another boat.

We have received letter from the city of Perry, stating that we can no longer have the dogs or the dog pens behind the shelter, without the ability to have the dogs outside we cannot keep dogs at our facility. Its cruel to keep the dogs in crates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with some potty breaks on leashes.  FOPAS will not be taking any animals until this issue is resolved.

Lots of idea’s are being tossed around at the moment on how to resolve the issue, the most favored idea is to move FOPAS to a new building.

You can see the letter written to us here: