What is Fostering?

We will be looking for foster homes for

Pregnant mom cats and dogs, and there kitten’s / puppies foster time is usually 8 – 10 weeks

Neonatal motherless kittens who require round the clock care: will train. Foster time 8 -10 weeks.

Senior dogs and cats that may be living out the rest of their days at the shelter and need a place to call home. Foster time undetermined.

Sick, injured, recovering dogs and cats foster time undetermined. 

 Are you able to separate the foster pets from your own?
You should have a place where you can isolate your foster pet from your own companion animals. A separate room or enclosed area with no carpet will work best.

Are you aware that there is a great deal of clean-up and even possible damage to your home when you take a foster pet home?
Foster pets have ruined drapes, carpeting, clothing, and other valuable items. Preparing your home and the area the animal will stay in can prevent most accidents, but not all of them!

Are you able to monitor the health of the foster pet?
You will need to pay attention to signs of illness or worsening of symptoms and call the shelter or rescue group if you are concerned. Before taking in a foster, ask the foster care coordinator what to look for. If you see troubling signs, the coordinator will help you decide if you should bring the animal in for treatment.

Can you get to the shelter’s vet quickly in case of an emergency?
The shelter or rescue group likely works with a vet who will treat your foster pet at no charge to you. If the animal you are fostering needs medical attention, you will need to transport him or her to the vet’s office or shelter for care.

Are you emotionally prepared to return the pet after the foster period is up?
It can be very difficult to let go once you have become emotionally attached to an animal! Be prepared for tears and heartache when the day comes that you must bring your first foster pet back to the shelter. But remember, he or she is now much more likely to find a loving, permanent home because of YOUR care!


*Although you will get the final say on what animal you would like to bring into your home you cannot just pick any animal off the adoption floor to foster.



SOME THINGS TO Consider before fostering

Would you make a good pet foster parent?

                      Just like a regular pet parent, people who foster pets from Friends of Perry Animal Shelter need to have ample time to provide pet care to the animal they are fostering. Additionally, foster pet parents need to have some experience with animals. Individuals who have extensive experience with animal care or behavior may be tasked with caring for a sick cat while she recovers, or puppy training an overly rambunctious youngster.

                   While the conditions and stipulations of a foster parent change depending on the pet, the shelter and the shelter's needs, all foster parents must be loving and patient, since the goal is to provide the animal with a consistent, stable home.

Does fostering cost a lot of money?

             Friends Of Perry Animal Shelter will provide the pet supplies and veterinary care necessary to keep the dog healthy and happy, so fostering a pet is not necessarily a financial obligation. However, providing your foster pet with food and toys may be another way to contribute to the shelter's cause.

Saying goodbye to a foster pet

            Another qualification for foster pet parents is that they be able to give up their fostered animals when the time comes. This is easier for some people than others - many may find they cannot foster because it is too difficult to say goodbye to the pet.

             While it can be hard to part with an animal you may have grown attached to over the fostering period, there are some things that may help you get through the process. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) reports that saying goodbye to a foster pet gets easier over time. The first time is particularly hard, but over time, knowing you may have saved the pet's life outweighs the sadness you feel in parting with it. Plus, this is one of the happiest events in the pet foster care system - when a pet finds a new forever family.

           While it is impossible to determine how many stray pets there are in the United States, the ASPCA estimates that there are more than 70 million stray cats alone. Fostering is one way to make a difference in the lives of many animals - whether you are caring for them in your home and making them more adoptable or allowing space for other animals in the local shelters.

If you are interested in fostering one of Fiends Of Perry Animal Shelters animals please click the link below and email our volunteer coordinator



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